Is Rupert Murdoch the devil (an optical illusion?)

To his critics, this particular camera 
angle seems to have revealed 
Mr. Murdoch's Satanic nature.

Rupert Murdoch was questioned by a parliamentary committee over allegations that his company News International hacked into phone message systems, including one belonging to Milly Dowler, a schoolgirl who'd been murdered. This controversy led to the company closing the newspaper News of the World.
QUESTIONER: Did you close the paper down because of the criminality?

RUPERT MURDOCH: Yes, we felt ashamed of what had happened and thought we oughta bring it to a close.

QUESTIONER: People lied to you and lied to their readers.

RUPERT MURDOCH: We had broken our trust with our readers. Certainly they'd broken it with me. But it was - the important point it was we had broken our trust with our readers.
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