Why isn't this the perfect English cottage?

In the 2006 romantic comedy "The Holiday", 
Cameron Diaz's character stays in a 
"fairy tale English cottage set in 
a tranquil country garden."

Many people fell in love with the cottage 
and wanted to know where it was located.

The cottage was built in the village of 
Shere, in Surrey, England.

The interior is beautiful, too, but let's focus on 
the exterior.  You can likely guess that, as in 
most films, this interior is not real and 
was built on a soundstage 
in Los Angeles.

Here's another view of the cottage in the 
winter. But there's something odd about the 
snow on the hills in the background.
(Hint: There is no snow on the hills 
in the background.)

The cottage is a fairy tale. 
The entire cottage and grounds 
were built in an empty field.

All the old stone was actually painted fiberglass.

The details around the cottage 
were created for the film.

Just as an actress pretends to be 
a real character, this realistic-looking 
simulation pretends to be a real cottage.

However, if you'd like, you can rent 
an actual romantic cottage. 
Slatters cottage at Bourton-on-the-Hill 
is real. It costs £580 per week 
during Christmas.

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