7 more deceptive items not to bring to the airport

You can't bring gun-themed purses to the airport

Teenager Virginia Gibbs was prevented from boarding a plane because the gun design on her purse violated the rules. Even though it was small and attached to a purse, the gun just looked too real.

Said Transportation Security Administration spokesman Greg Soule: 
"Security checkpoints may be impacted or closed because replica weapons like toy guns, novelty grenades, fake bombs and other items appear similar to the real thing when viewed through an X-ray machine."
He suggested passengers do not bring these deceptive items when they are trying to catch a flight.

Was she an idiot to bring that purse, or were the TSA agents heavy-handed? Regardless of your opinion, here are some more actual deceptive products you may not want to bring to the airport:

Bang Bang Toy Gun Belt Buckle

Kaboom Bomb Candle
with Sparkling Wick

Disappearing (Trick) Knife

Ceramic Gun Wall Vase

Grenade with Screwdriver Set inside

Chinese Throwing Star Pendant Necklace

Homemade Dynamite Alarm Clock

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