Heidi Klum more nude than you've ever seen her

Ms Klum said: "It’s basically like me naked."

Model and actress Heidi Klum has been naked for photos many times before. So for her own Halloween party, Ms. Klum decided to strip off more than her clothes with this deceptively realistic costume of herself with her skin stripped away.

She had herself rolled on under a sheet on an autopsy table.

Except perhaps for the shoes, 
she strove for the "Visible Lady" look
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How was it done?

 Her hair is hidden under a bald cap.

 Foundation makeup blends it in.

Her head and face are marked up
with muscle lines.

 Airbrushing creates the illusion 
of exposed muscles

 Her head is now finished.

Add contacts, false teeth and costume,
and her skinning is complete.

Her most intricate Halloween outfit yet? Heidi Klum goes all out as she's wheeled in to annual party on an autopsy table, Daily Mail>>

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