Melbourne police surprised by tricksters

Objects are not always
what they appear to be.

In this video, a large group of police officers in Melbourne, Australia confront protesters camping in tents in Treasury Gardens. It is not what police expected.

(Just watch the video until about 1:20. After that, meh.)

Melbourne Tent Protest

Could the protesters have been inspired by this tricky sculpture which appeared in the park in 2005?

(The sculpture, by artist Charles Robb, is of Charles La Tobe, the first Lieutenant-Governor of Victoria in the 1850s. It was later moved to La Trobe University.)

The upside-down statue of Mr. La Trobe in the park

- Charles La Trobe at the Treasury Gardens, Walking Melbourne>>
- Statue : Charles La Trobe, Only Melbourne>>
- About the sculpture, La Trobe University, Australia>>

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