The nude sleepwalker and 9 other deceptive sculptures by artist Tony Matelli

 "Sleepwalker" in a gallery
(sculpture is on the right.)

In many of his works, Tony Matelli simulates reality.

"Double Meat Head" is a sculpture
made from cast aluminum, 
cast bronze, urethane, and paint.

Fake flies rest on the "Double Meat Head" sculpture.

This glass of water is made entirely from glass.
The cardboard box it sits on is fiberglass.

The water glass that contains no water.

 "Constant Now" - a burning cigarette
balances on a box. It's made of painted bronze,
fiberglass, paint, a smoke machine,
and electronics.

A closeup view of the real fake smoke 
coming from the fake cigarette
not stuck to a real piece of gum.

"Yesterday", a detail of a sculpture with
fake cigarettes and playing cards - 
all made of metal.

Coins (real? fake?) float in a bucket 
of simulated water.

"Josh", who balances.
(He is not a real person.)

"The Idiot (reclining)"
is a cardboard Coors beer
package made of metal.

"The Old Me" -
A real flame continously burns
on photos that are not made of paper.

A metal dandelion weed sculpture grows 
in the cracks of an art gallery.

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Sleepwalker photo from Harlan Erskine Photography>>

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