Of course the Nazis loved children

They wanted the kids to be good citizens.

German kids were like kids everywhere - they were praised by adults, joined groups with their friends, played with toys and games, practiced sports, waved flags at parades, and went to school.

German girls in a club put up a poster for a political party.

Kids could play with toy figurines.

Children waved flags at a big parade.

Young women practiced gymnastics.

Children played board games.
(In this game, players were rewarded for 
landing on German radio stations, 
and penalized for landing 
on foreign stations.)

Kids might read a book and learn 
to identify Jews by comparing 
their noses to the number "6".

To honor Germany's unknown soldier, young people 
marched in formation in front of big crowds.

The logo on the shirt worn by the young gymnast.

An older man thanks a 
young boy for his letter.

Gallery of images at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum>>

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