The whimsical rotating billboard prank

They saw a rotating billboard 
and imagined something stranger.

A group of climbing-savvy pranksters converted a rotating billboard in Prague into their own personal merry-go-round, complete with wooden swings and pink balloons.

The airborne artists were vojtěch fröhlich, ondřej mladý, jan šimánek, and vladimír turner.

Merry-go-round prank

Kolotoč / Merry-Go-Round documentation 2011 from sgnlr on Vimeo.

Want some behind-the-scenes scenes? Here you go:

Advertising billboard prank prep

Kolotoč / Merry-go-round MAKING OF from sgnlr on Vimeo.

Pranksters Turn Rotating Billboard Into a Merry-Go-Round Another ad structure is co-opted, AdWeek>>

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