He went to prison for a murder he didn't commit

 Tim Masters was 15 years old when 
Peggy Hettrick's body was found.

The story of a man who was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit:
Tim Masters, who seems closer to 30 years old than his chronological age of 40, is wearing faded jeans, a blue T-shirt, and well-worn, white running shoes. He has a reddish-brown mustache and a carefully groomed beard. His blue eyes convey an intense attention to detail as he talks about the treachery and turning points that have shaped his life since that morning nearly 25 years ago when he stumbled upon a corpse and became a suspect. The stigma hovered over him during high school and through an eight-year stint in the Navy. It peaked with his arrest in 1998 and his conviction for first-degree murder. It took everything he had to keep his spirit from folding into itself during the decade-long legal battle that ultimately won his release from prison. The events surrounding the case tore apart a town and challenged people’s perceptions of right and wrong, truth and justice, and who, really, were the good guys and the bad guys.
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Photo: Drawn to Murder, 48 Hours Mystery>>


  1. Pobre hombre! Perdio sus bellos anos de adolescencia y juventud entre rejas. Cayo en manos de la injusticia macabra de este pais donde un abogado solo tiene que confundir las mentes de un jurado para ganar un caso. No es un trabajo para la justicia humana, solo es una meta competitiva entre abogados para ganar dinero. Que Dios nos acompane y tenga misericordia de todos nosotros para no caer jamas en manos de estos hombres "justicieros". Amen!

  2. Poor man! Lost its beautiful years of adolescence and youth behind bars. Fell into the hands of the macabre injustice in this country where a lawyer has only to confuse the minds of a jury to win a case. It is not a job for human justice, it is a competitive target of lawyers to make money. We Pray God be with us always, and have mercy on us all to not ever fall into the hands of these called "men of justice" ." Amen!


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