5 photos of fake wax humans (some cut open)

Wax Department Store Mannequin (closeup)

These photographs of real-looking wax figures were part of The Secret Museum Exhibition by Joanna Ebenstein from the blog Morbid Anatomy. The exhibit explored "the poetics of hidden, untouched and curious collections from around the world in photographs and artifacts."

Wax Department Store Mannequin, 
Early 20th Century; From the Home 
Collection of Evan Michelson, 
Antiques Dealer, New Jersey

Venus Endormie (breathing model), 
Spitzner collection 
Collection Spitzner, Musée Orfila, 
Paris Courtesy Université 
Paris Descartes

"The Slashed Beauty" 
Wax model with human hair and pearls 
in rosewood and Venetian glass case, 
“La Specola” (Museo di Storia Naturale), 
Florence, Italy " Probably modeled by 
Clemente Susini (around 1790)

Popular Anatomical Wax Model, 
19th or Early 20th Century, 
Backroom, Foundation Deutsches 
Hygiene-Museum in Dresden, Germany

- "The Secret Museum," Photography Exhibition, Observatory, Morbid Anatomy (surveying the interstices of art and medicine, death and culture)>>
- The Secret Museum Exhibition, 2010, Flickr>>

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