7 "negative space" optical illusions by Noma Bar

This dog may be following too closely.

Graphic designer Noma Bar uses the concept of "negative space" in many of his designs.

He says:
“I am after the maximum communication with minimum elements.”
I believe he is successful.

A sample of some of his hundreds of illustrations:

Tea for Two

Book cover for Don DeLillo's 
"Great Jones Street"

 Power to the Individual


 Moon faced

Book cover for Don DeLillo's 
"Falling Man"

He has two books available:
- Guess Who? The Many Faces of Noma Bar>>
- Negative Space>>

- See more examples of his work at Dutch Uncle>>
- The New Yorker Interview>>


  1. So simple yet so effective.

  2. With elements from M C Escher in not that original


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