Children of melting mercury - an optical illusion

Where are the inhabitants?
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I found this photo on a site in Spanish, followed by a portion of a poem by Carlos Marzal, which I thought was appropriate for the image, so I've roughly translated his entire poem (very roughly, I might add) by combining various machine translations and my meager command of the Spanish language.
Heavy Metal
- Carlos Marzal 

As it happened, we were children
with magical drops of mercury
that multiplied impossibly
in an insane geometry
after the thermometer broke, and gave our fever
an even more unreal patina,
an incomprehensible atmosphere of soft clocks.
Something in this phenomena relates to our soul.
In a strict sense, all of us
are the product of endless multiplications,
errors of our species, conquests
against the darkness. An individual
is an anonymous work of art,
a primitive map of treasure
tattooed on the skin of genealogies
that lead to his own blood and fire.
There is nothing we have not received
and nothing we have not inherited.
There is a reason to be proud
in the midst of this fever that never ends.
We are guardians of a heavy metal,
luxurious drops of loving mercury.

Metal Pesado
- Carlos Marzal

Igual que sucedía, siendo niños,
con las mágicas gotas de mercurio,
que se multiplicaban imposibles
en una perturbada geometría,
al romperse el termómetro, y daban a la fiebre
una pátina más de irrealidad,
el clima incomprensible de los relojes blandos.
Algo de ese fenómeno concierne a nuestra alma.
En un sentido estricto, cada cual
es obra de un sinfín de multiplicaciones,
de errores de la especie, de conquistas
contra la oscuridad. Un individuo
es en su anonimato una obra de arte,
un atávico mapa del tesoro
tatuado en la piel de las genealogías
y que lleva hasta él mismo a sangre y fuego.
No hay nada que no hayamos recibido
ni nada que no demos en herencia
Existe una razón para sentir orgullo
en mitad de esta fiebre que no acaba.
Somos custodios de un metal pesado,
lujosas gotas de mercurio amante.

- Gotas de mercurio, Domadora de Plabras>>
- Metal Pesado,>>
- I can't find the original source for the photo. Does anybody know? (Many places called it "Sneaker Shadows".)

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  1. So how did they make this optical illusion?


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