Deceiving you with a magic trick from Tenyo

Originally, it was called 
the Crystal Pyramid.

This magic trick sold by the Japanese company Tenyo was later changed when it became part of the Milton Bradley line of Magic Works toys. The clear plastic pyramid was flattened out - probably for safety - and the trick was renamed the Coin in the Crypt.

It's not as magical as it is puzzling. You know that something's going on, but you can't figure out exactly what... if only you could touch all those pieces, or read the instructions. Those who own the trick have said that the mechanism for tricks like this is sometimes more interesting than the trick itself.

Tenyo Coin in the Crypt Magic Puzzle

Here's the secret. The operator of the trick has to do this:

The secret method

From the instructions:
What happens next will happen quickly, so you'll want to watch carefully. Now press the edge of the platform in with your left thumb as shown in Figure 5. This is a release switch for the gimmick.
And now the deception is complete:

The secret secret method

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  1. Is there a way to actually see the "secret" secret method page? It's all jumbly...

  2. TacoDave: Probably not. It's the "secret" secret method, right?


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