A fake LIFE magazine made by Nazis

It imitated the real LIFE magazine 
to get allied soldiers to 
read the propaganda inside

The real cover of LIFE magazine

During World War II, this Nazi propaganda leaflet was dropped over a few U. S. air bases in England. The front cover was a slightly altered version of a real LIFE magazine, while the inside contained photos of dead airmen and quotes meant to show the futility of bombing Germany.

This example is one of many from a site devoted to the history and collection of propaganda flyers and pamphlets which were dropped by plane or contained in shells.

Pages from inside the fake magazine follow. Click to enlarge. Obviously, if images of dead bodies upset you, don't look at them.

More Propaganda at: A NAZI fake of a 'LIFE' magazine, WW2 Propaganda>>
(NOTE: The website above was created by Hans Moonen, who has since passed away. His family is keeping the website alive.)
- Messages from the Sky Over Britain: The Fascinating Story of the Publicity and Propaganda Leaflets Disseminated Over Great Britain by Airship, Aeroplane, Balloon and Rocket, in Peacetime and in War, R. G. Auckland, Keith Brotherton Moore, Amazon>>


  1. Did Nazis do any porn as propaganda, because that might have attracted the GIs more than Life magazine.

  2. Actually, they did. Watch for a future post about porn and propaganda.


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