A flawless illusion against flawlessness

Scrapwood cupboard made out of 
real scraps of wood

 A detail of the scrapwood cupboard 
made out of real scraps of wood

Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek first gained attention in 1990 with his scrapwood cupboard designs which were meticulously made out of actual scraps of wood. He said his inspiration was a reaction against the idea of flawlessness, which is why he wanted to create an imperfect product.

Years later, he designed another "scrapwood" product. This one allowed a buyer to create Piet Hein Eek's vision of flawlessness on their own walls. This one, however, was an illusion, since it was a scrapwood design printed on rolls of wallpaper.

Scrapwood wallpaper not made out of 
real scraps of wood

Rolls of scrapwood wallpaper. 

There are currently no plans to make these rolls of wallpaper into furniture legs.

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