How to dissect a con artist

The anatomy of a scam investigation

If you get mad at swindlers, and if you have the time and energy, you can write your own exposé. Ken, from the blog Popehat, gets pissed at a scammer from the company “UST Development”. They sent a fake invoice to his law office for a service that was never performed, hoping his office will think the invoice is legitimate and pay.

Ken will have none of this crap, so he makes it his mission to expose the con-artists, dissecting them down to the bone. He documents how he digs up info on them, and what he finds, in great detail.

First, he writes the scammers a letter saying "I live in hope that this is all just a misunderstanding...."

Of course, it’s not a misunderstanding, and Ken goes on to explain, in ten long posts, how to use Google, the Better Business Bureau, records from state and federal courts, and other tipsters to get information. He finally traces the con to a man named David Bell.

If you’re angry enough and have the resources, here’s how to dissect your own deceptive crook: How to take down a scammer: Anatomy of a Scam: Chapter Index, Popehat>>

- I Wrote An Email, Popehat>>
- Toner scam, Supplies Surprise, Snopes>>

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