The illusion of 5 nuns on "sexy leg" barstools

Insert joke about "bad habit" here.
(Click to enlarge the photo.)

Do these nuns know that they're sitting on gag bar stools that make it look like their habits are hitched up and revealing some sexy stockings on their legs?

It's funny if we think the nuns don't know, but something's not quite right.

The joke is not just on them, but on you. If you take a closer look at the photo, you'll see that all these nuns look attractive. In fact, one nun looks like she's wearing high heels and stockings.

Now they're all looking at us.

 I think they might be in on the joke.

Could it be that these "nuns" are not real nuns at all, but models or actresses doing a photo shoot?

Says disillusioned viewer: "Damn, I wanted them to be nuns..."

Found these pics, attached to a introduction, at>>


  1. Damn, I wanted them to be nuns...

  2. Completely fake. A few of them are wearing make-up. The high heels, Nike tennis shoes, flip flops, fish net type hose. Not to mention their habits are form fitting. Typical Halloween shop habits. One doesn't even have a scapular and her habit stops above the knee. Poorly done.


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