Man cuts off friend's hand for insurance money

How much is a severed hand worth?

You know sometimes when you read a story, you want to know a bit more, especially when it concerns a guy purposely amputating a friend's hand with a chainsaw.

Gerald B. Hardin, from Cayce, South Carolina, was arrested in a plot to defraud an insurance company. He and two others hatched a plan to cut off one of their hands with a chain saw and then file an insurance claim. Initially, it worked. (I guess the severed hand was proof enough.) They got $671,000.

Somehow, they were caught.

But can you imagine the scenario? Three guys are sitting around, wondering how they could make some big money, and one guy goes: "Hey, I've got an idea! I'll bet a severed hand is worth lots of money..."

I'm gonna claim "AWI". (Alcohol Was Involved.)

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  1. What the hell? More than alcohol, I think it was South Carolina inbreeding. Damn.

  2. You gotta hand it to them, that was one fraud that left them stumped.

  3. Did the first prosecutor hand off the case to another? He probably couldn't grasp the finer details...

  4. They got money. The lawyers called it severance pay.

  5. You gotta admit that it was such a hack job.

  6. At least it was a hand, so it wasn't a eunuch crime.


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