Visions of 1930s Gypsy fortune tellers

This is how an imagined 1930s 
Gypsy fortune teller looks. 
Note the four-leaf clover earrings.
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This female fortune teller with a crystal ball is a photograph by Russell Froelich, taken in the 1930s.  Russell E. Froelich was a newspaper photographer for various newspapers in St. Louis, Missouri from 1915 - 1950. From the Missouri History Museum.

This is how four actual 1930s Roma 
(Gypsy) women look.
Notice the looks on their faces.
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This is an image of four Roma women, possibly arrested for telling fortunes, from a New York Police Department arrest photograph, July 21, 1934. Original source unknown.

- Russell Froelich Collection, Missouri History Museum>>
- Missouri History Museum, Flickr>>
- Flickr source for photo of Roma fortune tellers>>

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