Why grifters wear hats

It's not to protect themselves from
the harsh rays of the sun.

What's a grifter?

A grifter is a traveling con artist or swindler, which perfectly describes this team of criminals who were captured on surveillance cameras in a Pennsylvanian Walmart, and are suspected of bilking other stores along the east Coast.

The word "grifter" may come from a combination of the words "grafter" (swindler) plus the word drifter, or one who moves about.

The group entered the Walmart with specific roles to play. Some were lookouts, some distracted employees, and one grabbed the money.

This time, they pulled off a "till tap," where one woman distracted a cashier while another woman reached into the cashier's register and took some money.

They also shortchanged the cashier by asking for change in a confusing way, which caused the cashier to give them more money than they were owed.

They stole about $1,000.

And during their swindles, every one of the gang wore a hat pulled low on their head, which is why the surveillance cameras, located near the store's ceilings, were almost useless.

That's why grifters wear hats.

See if you'd be able to identify any of the gang:

Here's an angle on the crooks. Recognize them?
"Um... female, right?"

Here are some closeup photos. 
Can you describe them now?
"Well, um, they all wore hats..."

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