2 bits of magic by Barry and Stuart

Barry and Stuart

Here are two tricks from these Scottish comedians / magicians.

An Optical Illusion, and Transportation Boxes

Barry and Stuart's X-Ray Machine

More about Barry and Stuart at Barry and Stuart>>


  1. Betcha didn't know...

    Objective Productions, the company that produced Barry and Stuart's TV appearances (Magick, Dirty Tricks, Magic of Jesus, and Tricks of the Bible) also produced Derren Brown's TV shows, plus loads of other magic related programming. And a little program called...

    Peep Show.

  2. !!!!!

    As Mishima knows, Peep Show is one of my favorite BritSitComs. I'm watching it slowly on Netflix because there are only 6 episodes a season. If you're a fan of the uncomfortable squirminations of tremendously put-upon characters, watch it.

    I wonder who at Objective Productions was a kid magician?

    They also produce "The Real Hustle" about con games.

    See all their projects, here:

    They must be committed to magic programming, because they have a specific guy on staff named Anthony Owen, who is their "Head of Magic."


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