7 freakish sculptures of women and flowers

Which part is real?

How does artist Daniel Gordon create his work?
"I begin with an idea of something I’d like to make, search for images online, print them, and then construct a three dimensional tableau that is then lit and photographed with a large format camera."
When you look at Mr. Gordon's photographs, sometimes it's difficult to tell what parts he's printed, what's actually a three-dimensional part of his sculpture, and - sometimes - what's part of a real thing.

Click to enlarge any of the images.

I think the "spiderweb" is real...

 Notice the shadow.

Is the paper curved to make the vase, 
or is it a flat photo of a curved thing?

This face appears both 
facing us and in profile.

The table is not real.
Is the shadow?

We see a woman sitting on a chair, 
but what's really there?

- Daniel Gordon's Collage Grotesques, The New Yorker>>
- Daniel Gordon Studio>>

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