Creepy head advertises magic shop

"Come in. I want you."

A magic shop - located on 80c James Street in Brighton, Sussex, England - has the best-looking facade of any magic shop I've ever seen. It looks just the way I imagine a magic shop should look - both inviting and scary.

Here it is before it was a magic shop, 
as BKS Business Solutions. Just another 
boring business on the street.

Here it is as the magic shop - with a coat of 
black paint for the trim, a MAGIC sign with 
carnival light bulbs, gargoyles on either end,
and a black top hat set in the nook.
It's almost perfect.

But if we take some inspiration from 
a 1978 movie called "Magic"...

Yes, that's it. The shop now sports the head of a huge 
ventriloquist's dummy instead of a top hat. 
You won't forget this look.

Admit it, the giant head compels you to go inside... 
or to run away screaming. 

Photos are from: lunggwai, Phil Steere, mimi the minx, toypincher, Google

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