Don't judge too quickly

You might be deceived by this,
but we promise not to deceive you.

Don't Judge Too Quickly - Ameriquest Commercials

This series of ads touted the lending policies of Ameriquest Mortgage, who promised they would not discriminate against you if they were providing you with a home loan. Despite the great ads, however, the lending company was later accused of lying and cheating their customers, and they had to pay out millions in settlements because of mortgage fraud. Ameriquest Mortgage no longer exist.

Funny ads, though.

(The video includes two bonus ads with the same idea of misinterpreting the situation - one from Virgin Mobile and the other from Bunker Footwear.)

- Former Ameriquest Workers Tell of Deception, NPR>>
- Ameriquest Mortgage, Wikipedia>>


  1. i can't find video of guy drawing what looks like dirty picture by turns out innocent

  2. Anonymous: You're looking for this, I think:

    Also, Saturday Night Live had a skit years ago with Horatio Sanz playing a character who does the same thing, but I can't find the video.


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