Don't sell pot to an undercover girl

In a real life case of undercover work, 
the girl didn't need a gun.

In this story from the radio show This American Life, a guy tries to impress a potential girlfriend by selling her a bag of pot. Unfortunately, she's not a high school senior like him. She's an undercover cop.
RB You really liked this girl. 
Justin Man, it tore me apart. I was like, oh my god. 
RB So you felt like all the signs were good? 
Justin Oh, of course. I felt all the signs were good, because I never got a non-sign. So therefore, I was just like, OK, everything's good. I know I'm taking it slow. I know I'm taking it good. Usually, it doesn't take me that long to get a girlfriend when I start talking to them. So when it took me-- I found it kind of odd. I was like, wow, I'm such a great dude. And we're hanging out. What's the next step? I don't care about sex and everything. I just want to know if you're going to be mine. 
RB So she was playing kind of hard to get? 
Justin Yes. I mean, me, I love that. So it attracted me even more. I love girls that guys can't have. So I'm like, this is awesome. 
RB And in hindsight, she was probably playing hard to get for a different reason. 
Justin Yes, for a different reason.
Listen to the 13-minute program: 21 Chump Street, This American Life>>
- Transcript, What I Did for Love, This American Life, NPR>>

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