Jack Nicholson makes hundreds of prank calls

You know, when I was a kid, we didn't have 
all this fancy prankin' technology.

A soundboard is a collection of sound clips, usually of a celebrity, that can be used to fool a victim on the other end of a prank phone call into thinking that he or she is talking to a real person.

Actors with many movie roles, such as Mr. Nicholson, have more dialogue to borrow, so they become very popular sources of clips.

The results can be both funny and surreal.

A typical Jack Nicholson prank call using a soundboard

- There are over 400 prank calls with Mr. Nicholson's voice, at (NSFW) Jackulator>>
- You can make your own prank call with this Jack Nicholson soundboard, at>>
- A few more prank calls made using a Jack Nicholson soundboard, at>>
- A soundboard explained more fully, at Wikipedia>>

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