A portrait made of portraits - an optical illusion

Michelangelo as a mosaic of images
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My favorite section of the painting is this guy, as the eye and eyebrow:

"Eye got good teeth"

I found this illusion called "картинка из картинок" or "Picture of pictures." I couldn't find the artist, but I found more examples at this page (in Russian)>>

I discovered this painting is more interesting than I'd thought, thanks to reader Juan Luis (Thanks, Juan!) It's a huge painting that artist Lewis Lavoie calls a Mural Mosaic. Here's a video of him creating it:

Michelangelo Adam - Lewis Lavoie

Mr. Lavoie's work reminds me of the late artist Denny Dent, who I once saw paint a large image live to a rock and roll beat at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver.

Mr. Lavoie painted the above in 1997. In 2004, he and 70 other artists painted their first group mosaic - the Heritage Fiddler Mural - where each artist paints one section and all the pieces are combined to create another image.

Creating the Heritage Fiddler Mural

The completed Heritage Fiddler Mural 
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Here's a gallery of other Mural Mosaic paintings>>


  1. It seems was an idea of the artist Lewis Lavoie:


    See also:


    Best regards from Spain.

  2. Thanks Juan! I've updated the post.


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