The scammers who made money by scaring you

Buy our software 
or we will haunt you forever

From a Wired article:
Before they built an international underworld empire — before they weaseled their way onto millions of computers, before their online enterprise was bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars a year, before they were fugitives wanted by Interpol — Sam Jain, now 41, and Daniel Sundin, 33, were just a couple of garden-variety Internet hustlers...
Then they discovered how much PC users were afraid of infection by computer viruses.

Read the article: How Two Scammers Built an Empire Hawking Sketchy Software, Wired>>

From MIT:
The appeal of the bogus antivirus software—often called "scareware"—is rooted in fear. This fraud doesn't rely on convincing the victim of something preposterous—for example, that a Nigerian prince needs help relocating his money. Instead, the delivery is calibrated to capitalize on the real warnings we've all gotten.
More on fake antiviruses and malware: The Perfect Scam. It's the dark side of innovation: how crooks peddling fake antivirus software have gamed the Web in a billion-dollar rip-off. Technology Review India, MIT>>

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