Why are people in North Carolina disgusted by a roadside advertisement in India?

Why is this ad deceptive?

Here's what a company called Jubeerich Consultancy ("The Trusted Name Since 1999") says about itself on their website:
"We, Jubeerich Consultancy is a leading and reputed firm in the world offering overseas study opportunities and placement services for our clients...

We help you to get admission in the major colleges and universities of New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. We have a good reputation among various educational institutions around the world."
They do not claim to service clients who want to go to the United States. And even if they did, they would not have a good reception at the University of North Carolina.

In fact, if many people at UNC-Chapel Hill saw the above advertisement, which appeared in 2012 alongside an Indian national highway, they would be disgusted.

What is it about the ad that might affect people thousands of miles away?

It's the photograph of the attractive blond woman. Her name: Eve Carson.

Nobody knows how her picture got on the ad. Did someone find it on the internet and decide that she looked like the perfect representation of an ideal student, so they appropriated her image for their ad?

Eve Carson

Because Eve Carson was an ideal student. She was a well-respected student body president at her university and 22-years old when the photo used in the advertisement was taken.

People might be upset that her photo was used without permission, but this is an age where photos travel everywhere and are used for all kinds of things. But why would they be disgusted?

Because in 2008, Eve Carson was abducted from her home, forced to withdraw money from her ATM, and then shot five times. Her body was found lying in the street, a mile from her home.

And now her image is on an ad.

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