5 ads for National Honesty Day

The trashy lingerie store

April 30th is National Honesty Day. (I swear. I read it here: (National Honesty Day: This story is an attempt to get Web traffic, Christian Science Monitor>>)

In celebration, I offer you these five photos showing remarkable honesty in advertising.

I'll bet there was a lawyer involved 
before they wrote this sign.

They don't mention that they're 
the only place for the next 300 miles.

Yes, the chalkster was drinking 
and had to tell the truth.

Okay, I cheated. This image advertising Photoshop 
Super Restorative Day Cream is fake, 
but smoothing out Halle Berry... 
well, I've heard that all those beautiful 
photos just might be a tad retouched.

- Tim Farley>
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- Many more Photoshop Day Cream ads are here: Izismile>>

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