He hacked and found nude celebrity photos

Christopher Chaney with Scarlett Johansson
"It required merely a search engine, an Internet connection, and the willingness to be deeply creepy..."
On November 13, 2010, 34-year old Jacksonville, Florida resident Christopher Chaney went hunting for unreleased nude photos of celebrities. According to court documents, he had the e-mail address for celebrity stylist and handbag designer Simone Harouche, but he didn't have Harouche's password. No matter; after connecting to Apple's e-mail servers, Chaney used the password reset feature. He answered the required security questions by supplying publicly available information gleaned from the Internet—and he was in. What to do next?

Account settings were a top priority. From there, Chaney could have a copy of all Harouche's incoming e-mail mirrored to—an account created specially for this purpose. Even after Harouche regained control of her account, she was unlikely to start poking around immediately in her account settings, and Chaney might maintain his virtual view of her life for weeks or even months.
Read how he did it, and how he got caught: Hacking Scarlett Johansson—and 50 other celebs—using Google and gumption, Ars Technica>>

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