Helping a blind woman whose pen ran out of ink

The Waterman fountain pen was 
touted as a weapon of peace.
This woman's pen was a trickster. 

Trish Vickers, an English woman who is blind due to diabetes, wanted to write a novel, yet her pen deceived her. After writing 26 pages, her son discovered that her pen had run out of ink and all the pages were blank.

Police forensic experts came to the rescue and recovered her writing using a technique that shined light at multiple angles to illuminate the indentations in the paper.

Mrs. Vickers now has a volunteer who visits and types for her.

The Case of a Blind Woman and Her Invisible Manuscript, The New York Times>>

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  1. Eye send u spamMay 4, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    That must be terrible! It shows the importance of eye sight. If only she could see then all her writings would not have gone to waste.


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