Nine illusions in paint by Sherrie Wolf

It's all paint, all the way down.

Sherrie Wolf paints realistic flowers or fruit in front of other paintings. And, of course, the whole painting is a painting. She says she likes to "openly play with the fact that art is artifice."

I like that.

See more at her site: Sherrie Wolf Studio>>

What's "real" and what's "fake"?
This is called "Bacchanal", 
so the grapes are appropriate.

It's the same glass of fruit, again.
I think the leaves are plastic.
And did you notice the sly nipple slip?

 Looks like a photo taken in front of a painting.

 The artist's studio is reflected in the vase.

She's holding the baby up to smell the flower.

Ms. Wolf used to put fruit 
on top of pages from art books.
(This is "Grapes After Courbet".)

"Ladies and Plums"

"Red Pear"

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