A trickster and his horribly racist cake

His performance as a nude black woman 
cake with a Golliwog face was successful 
at creating outrage.

Swedish artist Makode Linde created controversy with his cake - an art piece about the practice of female genital mutilation, shown at the Museum of Modern art in Sweden.

The cake screams when you cut her

The cake was sliced open by the Swedish 
Minister of Culture, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth.

Florence Kate Upton's 1895 book "The Adventures 
of Two Dutch Dolls and a Golliwogg"

Mr. Linde has used the image of the golliwog in his art, which comes from the blackface tradition and was popularized by a black doll called a golliwog.

Said Mr. Linde:
“If people can get this upset from a woman cutting a cake, can’t they use that energy towards the real battle towards female genital mutilation,” he says. “I do understand it is a serious subject and when you mix a serious subject with a light topic like cake people can get upset, but I like humor in my work because [the topics are] depressing and something I have to deal with everyday. People drop their defenses when they can joke about something.”

He also explained that he often infuses his work with a strain of Swedish humor that is very dark and cynical. “From my point of view this humor is a way to cope with horrible facts,” he says. “When I’m trying to tell my friends stories of horrible things I often use some humor to make it palatable.” He says Swedes, though he points out he doesn’t claim to speak for all Swedes, don’t like to take themselves too seriously.
Makode Linde and his "Afromantics" sculptures

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  1. this disgusses me. it made me feel feel sick just whatching that video of the cake screeming. i mean, why would someone do such a disgusting thing, and it is also completely racist. if poloticians think that gollywogg dolls are racist, they should think again and have a look at this.

  2. How can it be racist? The artist is black. He is trying to shock people to be aware of the reason horrors of female genital mutilation. I think its cool. Actually I'm white (well sort of pinkish) and I have a Gollie from when I was a child and I love him. He isn't scary.

  3. PS I'm English and have friends of many variations of religion, ethnicity and other views.


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