Why models who wear his clothing must be strong

From a distance, they could be actual dresses.

Well, they are dresses you can wear, it's just that they approach the weight of a suit of armor, and are not made of fabric. They're created by Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng, who makes them out of actual pottery shards from China's Ming, Qing and Song dynasties.

Dream of the Yong Lee

Back and front views of a dress

Blue and white pottery dress

A woman's military outfit

- Li Xiaofeng also created a limited edition Polo shirt for Lacoste. More information on how he creates his art at: Porcelain POLO shirt by Li Xiaofeng, Yatzer>>
- Art Focus: Li Xiaofeng, Arrested Motion>>


  1. WOW!that's really awesome.

  2. Wow.. What a waste of antiques. :/
    This bothers me a lot!


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