3 optical illusions: owl monster, skull, rabbit

 Owl Monster Homunculus

Human Skull

Staring Rabbit

These inversion optical illusion 11" x 14" posters are printed on a letterpress printer (my favorite kind) by Jonathon Poliszuk and Ursula Minervini from Pellinore Press.

They took their inspiration for these designs from the upside-down image tricks found on vintage matchboxes and advertising ephemera.

And reversed, they yield:

Bug-eyed man with 
Big Brain and Horn

Man with Trepaning Hole
and Decorated Fez

Handlebar Mustache Man with
Long Hairy Eyebrows

As a bonus, here are two of their inversion fans:



- Inversion optical illusion posters, Pellinore Press, Etsy>>
- Pellinore Press>>

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