The difference between safecrackers

The Safecracker

From an interview of a man who breaks into safes, legally:
Q: It seems like you could use this knowledge in bad ways if you wanted to.

A: Clients often ask, jokingly, whether we learn our trade in prison.

Technically, the biggest difference between what a burglar does and what I do is that the burglar wants to get in and out quickly and doesn’t care if the safe ever gets used again. I take my time because my objective is opening it with minimal damage so the owner can use it again.

A criminal safecracker also needs different knowledge and skills, beyond the technical, that I don’t have or need. I don’t need to know how to avoid leaving evidence, circumvent an alarm system, plan a get-away, or fence-stolen goods.
Read the entire interview: Ken Doyle, Saefcracker. Interviews With People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs, McSweeney's>>
The image is from a poster for the Ray Milland movie The Safecracker (1958).

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