Like to torture, abuse or kidnap? We want you!

"Look, honey, here's a job opening."

“The government of a Middle Eastern state is recruiting a senior torturer to work in a well-equipped prison. Our ideal candidate would be prepared to inflict extreme pain and suffering. Familiarity with dental and medical equipment and knowledge of human anatomy is required.”
Company: Ambassadors of Diversity

These fake job ads appeared in both the Guardian and the Independent newspapers in the UK. The fake advertisements are a campaign for the UK charity Freedom from Torture. The organization works to heal and empower people who have been victims of torture. 

"A South Asian government agency is recruiting a kidnapper to manage civilian population challenges. Candidates should be experienced in terrorising small communities..."
Company: Efficient Industries Corp.

"Daily work will involve punching, kicking, slapping, whipping and prolonged constraint of movement..."
Company: Acorn Industries

- Freedom from Torture>>
Via: Career Prospects in the Pain Business, Design Observer>>

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