Man almost killed looking for sex in Vegas

The sign of the Red Devil

He was looking for "love" at Red Devil Fitness and Spa in Las Vegas.

Men looking for sex ask cab drivers where they can get some action. They get dropped off at a "reflexology" clinic, where women in scanty clothes seem to promise more than a legal rub.

But after the men shell out the money, they are tossed out by bouncers, because either the men expect sex but never get any, or the men can't or won't pay the increasingly high fees.

The victims are told: "We don't do that here."

Prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas, although it is allowed in other parts of Nevada.

It's the classic "clip joint" scam.

This time, the victim, Joseph Sheriff, a 25-year-old man from Britain, got angry, demanded his money back and threw a water bottle at one of the women.

A security guard then stabbed him multiple times in the head and stomach.

As part of their investigation into the stabbing, police closed down the business and arrested employees for various offenses, including obtaining money under false pretenses, racketeering and other fraud charges.

The Red Devil Fitness and Spa is licensed as a "drugless practitioner and health and fitness center."

None of the practitioners were licensed.

Brooke Dugan
Not a prostitute

Lyeishia Godfrey
Not a prostitute

Hope Tello
Not a prostitute

Nicole Cramer
Not a madame

James Watkins
Not an intimidating security thug

I wrote about this type of scam before, and except for the almost fatal stabbing, it looks the same: How to run a fake prostitution clip joint, Deceptology>>

- Suspects identified in Vegas 'clip joint' bust, Fox 5 News>>
- Six arrested and Las Vegas clip joint uncovered after British tourist is stabbed during row over sex services at 'health spa', Mail Online>>

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  1. Red Devil is loaded with a bunch of Devils! More arrests need to come and they all need to be made an example of. Looks like they forgot to add to their buisness plan a employee trying to kill a customer....da now what. Or I think Metro and the fed's are going to have fun here!


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