Creepy Kia auto ads combine kids and steamy sex

"I'll break the spell by kissing you, my dear."

The advertising people needed a concept for an ad touting Kia Motors dual-zone air conditioning, where one side of the car can get hotter than the other, so they created ads with two versions of the same story.

The tag line:
"A different temperature on each side. Kia Sportage with dual zone air conditioning."
On one side, kid-style artwork and an innocent story.

On the other side, the start of a steamy sexual encounter.

It's steamy and innocent, see? Hot and cold.

There were two version of these ads. In one, a girl stays after school with teacher, and in the other, a fairytale prince wakes a girl with a kiss.

Staying after class with Mr. Larkin
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The fairytale kiss
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The juxtaposition of the little children with more adult content certainly made the ads noticeable. They won an advertising award.

They also made the ads just a little creepy.

After complaints, Kia disavowed the ads and said they were "undoubtedly inappropriate".

Why are they deceptive?

It seems they were a stunt by the Brazilian ad agency Moma, who were never contracted by Kia Motors to create the ads. The ad award was withdrawn.

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