He stole women's nude photos and posted them

 That creepy guy from high school?
He just got more creepy.

Joseph Bernard Campbell, a 24-year-old from Tampa, Florida, hacked into 350 - 500 email accounts of women, some of whom he knew from high school.

To get into their accounts, he used a phishing scam where he would pretend to send a greeting card that could only be accessed if they typed in their user names and passwords.

Some did.

Once he had access to their private Facebook accounts, he would search them. In 19 accounts, he found nude or risqué photos which women had sent to their boyfriends.

Then he went to work.

He swapped the private photos for their normal Facebook profile photos.

He posted their photos on a website called "Dumpster Sluts" and a forum called "Revenge".

He placed all the photos on "Pinellas County Sluts", a website he'd created.

And he would link accounts to each other so the embarrassing information would be found.

The U. S. Secret Service got involved.

They found him.

Mr. Campbell said he wanted "to harass the victims and cause them emotional distress."

He pleaded guilty to cyberstalking and unauthorized access to a computer and was sent to Federal prison.

My opinion?

I think it's very possible Mr. Campbell might have some issues regarding women.

Hacker places risqué photos of women on their Facebook pages, Tampa Bay Online>>

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