I was walking in the parking lot when... (prank)

There was an odd orchestra being 
conducted just behind a wall.

The prankster group Improv Everywhere gathered 100 people with keyless entry remotes to set off their car alarms simultaneously at a shopping center parking lot in Staten Island, New York.
...Of all the parking lots we visited, the giant lot between a Lowe’s and Kohl’s on Forrest Avenue seemed like the best fit. The one thing I couldn’t figure out was where to place the participants. Ideally we’d have them all clumped together like an orchestra, but how could we do that in the lot and not have it be totally obvious that we were pulling a prank? I thought maybe I’d just have them synchronize their watches and blend in with other people in the lot. Then the next day while looking at the lot on Google Maps again, I noticed a dead end on the other side of a wall. Perfect! My only fear: would it work?
Car Alarm Symphony

Improv Everywhere Car Alarm Symphony>>


  1. If I were walking through a parking lot and this happened I know my first thought would be "This is what happens at the beginning of a Stephen King novel".

  2. Tressa: Or an apocalyptic zombie movie. Because why have the Apocalypse if you don't have horn honks and zombies?


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