13 bizarre photos taken in trick eye museums

 "Here's your sushi."
Korea's Trick Eye Museums 
let you walk into the illusions.

You can stand in front of these optical illusion paintings and have pictures taken by your friends while you mug for the camera. Many of the paintings are variations of classical paintings and statues, which allows them to show nudity and other rude topics. (It's okay, you see, because it's classical art.)

Here are some of the more convincing optical illusions, as well as some of the oddest examples I found:

Hanging in there, in Korea

Michelangelo's David 
has been pantsed.

The upside-down anti-gravity lotus position

Here's the glass of beer 
that goes with the sushi.

 How to take an upskirt photo 
of an oblivious tourist.
(Is that a more appropriately dressed 
Korean woman in the background?)

 Almost 40 years later, and we're 
still menaced by that Jaws poster.

Watering down the painting

 "It's just what I assumed 
it would be..."

 "Yes, I needed to wash my hands 
in a fire-hose stream of urine
shot out of a half-naked child
in a classical-looking painting."

 "All the bank money is ours!"

"Let's go to the museum and pretend to spank 
a man's naked butt with a wooden stick."

 He was the strongest man 
in classical Greece.

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