3 deceptions involving Snickers candy bars

This reversible guy loves Snickers candy bars

Snickers optical illusion ad - 
Grumpy because no Snickers

Snickers optical illusion ad - 
Happy because Snickers

Deceptive (and creepy) Snickers TV commercial

And finally, a news item:

Rogelio Mauricio Harris was flying from Los Angeles to Tokyo when custom agents looked closer at the box of 45 Snickers bars in his luggage and discovered that underneath the delicious chocolately coating was several pounds of methamphetamine.

 "We are very disappointed by this unfortunate 
use of one of our brands," said Mars, Inc, 
the maker of Snickers.

- Snickers: Beanie Face, Ads of the World>>
- Man Accused of Smuggling Meth as Snickers Bars, Wall Street Journal>>

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