Don't try to hide a cheese knife inside a teddy bear

These items were confiscated by the TSA: 
a knife wrapped in foil, a razor blade 
inside a shoe and the teddy bear cheese knife.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a blog.

Three knives were found hidden 
inside brushes and combs.

In one post, they mentioned the various items found concealed inside carry-on bags:
  • A cheese knife was discovered inside a teddy bear at Minneapolis St. Paul (MSP). 
  • A razorblade was discovered concealed in a shoe at Seattle (SEA).
  • A dagger concealed in a hairbrush was discovered at Rapid City (RAP).
  • And yet another brush dagger… A dagger concealed in a hairbrush was discovered at Omaha (OMA).
  • A comb dagger was discovered at Baltimore (BWI).
  • A pocketknife was discovered wrapped in aluminum foil and taped to the bottom of a bag at Houston (HOU).
TSA Week in Review: Firearm Found Concealed in Lining of Carry-on Bag at Phoenix , TSA Blog>>

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