America's a foolish, backward nation (wink wink)

The US Situation Room during the hunt for Bin Laden

An anonymous poster in China had this to say:
Looking at the above photo, it's enough reason for us to look down on the Americans! While hunting Bin Laden, Obama and his subordinates were staring at an on-screen live satellite feed in the White House's Situation Room. My feelings are:

1. American subordinates don't respect their leaders enough, and even made the dignified President squeeze into a corner to sit. Poor Obama, not even the prestige of a village head in the Celestial Dynasty ["天朝," slang for China].

2. The imposing White House Situation Room is really blah. It's small, with no fancy decorations, it's really not fit for the style of a great nation. A township-level department room in the Celestial Dynasty is probably bigger than that, and much more luxurious.

3. There are no fruit plates or beverages, no ... expensive cigarettes ... and this is the world's number one economy, ha!
This online post about how America is a primitive "foolish and backward nation" is a fine example of sustained irony. It's become a viral sensation on Chinese social media sites.

Since even an anonymous writer might get in trouble for criticizing China, this writer posted a critique of China as if he was criticizing the United States.

This is how tricksters do it.

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