Eagle-eyed viewers catch a deceptive Nokia ad

You have to look behind the pretty face.

When Nokia released its newest smartphone, the Lumia 920, their TV commercial touted its newest innovation - a camera with Pureview video image stabilization - by showing a couple bicycling on a street. A man films his girlfriend with and without the technology, and of course she looks better when her image is stabilized.

But if you freeze the ad at a certain spot, you notice something curious.

As she's biking by a window, the window's reflection catches the image of a white van with an open door. Inside is a cameraman filming her with a large camera, which is obviously not Nokia's newest phone.

Nokia apologized.

They updated the ad to include this disclaimer:
"the OIS video, above, was not shot using the Lumia 920."
Because it's okay as long as we tell you we're lying.
Nokia advertisement reveals a tech flaw

- Nokia's new PureView ad is amazing, too bad it's faked, The Verge>>
- Nokia apologises for 'faked' Lumia smartphone advert. Nokia has apologised after it emerged that an advert featuring video footage which appeared to have been filmed with its new flagship smartphone had in fact been created using different equipment. BBC News Technology>>

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