How to pass a driving test - guaranteed!

Evidence of another fine graduate 
of our driving school

In Brooklyn, New York, a professional driving school had a fool-proof study method for getting non-English speaking students to pass the test to get a truck-driving license.

It did not involve studying extra hard. Instead, the owners, Philip and Pui Ng (whose last name is pronounced "ing"), provided an extra-special service.

The Ngs sat outside the motor vehicle office in their minivan during a test. Their student would wear a concealed spy camera and take videos of the test, which was transmitted to the Ngs, who would then send the correct answers back via a beeper.

Prosecutors said 500 students of N&Y Professional Driving may have gotten a license via this cheat.

They were caught when a federal agent went undercover and learned about their scheme.

The owners pleaded guilty.

One of their students was the driver of a bus, pictured above, which crashed and killed four people.

- Brooklyn's N&Y Professional Driving school helped applicants pull off a truckload of cheating, Daily News>>
- Feds shut down bus service after deadly crash, CBS News>>

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