He bought 27,000 Twitter followers

You must be great. 
Look at all the followers you have!

As an experiment, journalist Seth Stevenson decided to deceive the world and buy followers on Twitter rather than earn them by attracting real people:
How to augment my small, proud band of 1,100 tweeps? I could have won new acolytes by offering links to timely content. By engaging in sharp intellectual battles. By crafting 140-character bons mots. But, much as I wish I could get jazzed about doing all that stuff (and once in a while I do briefly catch the Twitter bug), I don’t find it spiritually rewarding. To the freelance writer in me, this feels more like unpaid work.
So instead, I bought 27,000 followers from some sketchy Internet sites. Total cost: $202.
I Bought 27,000 Twitter Followers. It cost $202. Was it worth it? Slate>>

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