The death of "Dave on Wheels" was a hoax

Technology helped him.

David Rose was a 24-year-old deaf quadriplegic with cerebral palsy who used his blog and Twitter to reach out to others.

Websites followed his writing and said he was an inspiration:
"Rose's Twitter account went from having eight followers to more than 7,500 after the popular website The Chive posted a story about the young man on Oct. 8, calling him an inspiration to all. He's "articulate, hilarious, philosophical, and grateful for every second he has," the post said."
Then Mr. Rose got sick with pneumonia and his sister had to write to all his admirers that he was "whisked away by angels."

Yet technically, Mr. Rose wasn't actually dead.

Read this to find out what really happened: Dave on Wheels: The quadriplegic blogger who turned out to be a hoax, The Week>>

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